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About Me! Who Am I?
Hi I’m Kayla, Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and Founder of The Flourish Method. My mission is to empower women to love and honor their physical, mental and spiritual well-being so they can stop surviving and start FLOURISHING!

My story...

​Before I discovered a method that would give me lasting energy and balanced moods I lived with fatigue and anxiety. On top of that I didn't know that the weight around my belly, my crazy cravings and chronic bloating were ALL connected to the same thing.

I couldn’t figure out that despite my efforts of exercise, eating less, and “eating healthy” or what I believed was healthy at the time, I still couldn’t feel better and look the way I wanted.

​For the longest time, I believed my issues were simply a product of genetics and that I was just prone to feel this way. After all, I watched the women in my family experience much of what I was experiencing.

​I took back my power once I uncovered the root cause of my issues and began to clear away the obstacles to better health.

​It is my goal to remove the overwhelm and simplify a plan of action that not only supports your lifestyle but makes it easy to prioritize your health.

​With my help, you'll go from feeling tired, stressed and frazzled to VIBRANT, ENERGIZED and FOCUSED again!

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